Test your first aid knowledge

What should be done immediately after dealing with any First Aid incident?

What advice would you give to someone following their first epileptic seizure?

What treatment would you give a casualty suffering from an open fracture of the leg?

At what point would you send a bystander to call for an ambulance, if a casualty is not breathing?

The main reason for cooling a superficial burn with water is to help prevent…?

Which of the following sign and symptoms would best indicate that a casualty was suffering from shock?

Coughed up bright red frothy blood could indicate…?

What is the most likely condition that would cause a casualty to be confused, nauseous, dizzy and have blurred vision?

A conscious casualty has been burned with chemicals. What would be your immediate treatment?

A choking adult becomes unconscious, what should you do first?

Which of the following is the correct treatment for a conscious casualty having an asthma attack?

In CPR, what is the ratio of compressions to breaths with an adult?

In what position would you place a conscious casualty suffering from a penetrating wound to the chest?

A casualty has a pain in the chest, is breathless, pale and complaining of indigestion. What condition do you suspect?

Which of the following casualties would you treat first?

Which of the following would you recommend for a casualty who has just sprained their ankle?

An amputated limb should be…?

What is the correct procedure for giving rescue breaths to a baby?

What is one of the First Aider’s responsibilities in the workplace?

What is the minimum distance you should stay away from a casualty and the power source when they have been affected by high voltage electricity?